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Which hand should a lady wear her watch on?

Also, should the face of the watch be on the inside i.e on the same side as her palm or facing outwards?

Which hand should a lady wear her watch on?
Women wear watches on their wrist, not their hand. And it's personal preference for the left wrist (usually worn on the left if right handed) or the right wrist (usually worn on the right if left handed).

As for the watch face being on the outside or inside, it is usually worn facing out. But it is not wrong to wear it the other way.
Reply:When wearing a particularly expensive watch, it is widely known that persons who wear their watches facing IN tend to exert much more taste and class; mainly because of the sense of humbleness it shows and the surprise people get when you turn it over to glance at the time for a brief moment. Report It

Reply:It leaves them wondering, "wow.. that was a nice watch, I wish they would check for the time again so I can know what kind it was"... and they are left with the mystery in their head unless they are brave enough to ask you. And when they ask you, you are essentially being complimented. Report It

Reply:Left and the face should be showing. Old ladies where it upside down.
Reply:Wear it on the hand that you do not write with. The watch should be on the top of your wrist. (the back of your hand) and when you look at it the 12 should be on top
Reply:That depends on whether you are left or right handed. Otherwise it doesn't matter.
Reply:If she is right handed, on her left. If she is left handed on her right. It should face outwards.
Reply:A right handed person will wear the watch on the left hand . which ever is more comfortable is wheather she types all day should be up ward if she does physical work palm side hope this helps
Reply:I am left handed so i wear my watch on the right facing up so i can wright and see what time is at the same time!
Reply:always left............
Reply:The opposite hand you write with. (i.e. if you are right handed, then wear it on your left.)
Reply:i have no idea
Reply:Well: according to" Fashions the ladies wear their Watch

right handed" because it would be alot easy facing outwards"
Reply:which ever is most comfortable to you.
Reply:i wear mine on my left as i am predominatley right handed and i wear an evening watch face up and a work watch

facing palm side of my wrist (**) I didn't know i was so picky

hope this helps
Reply:whatever hand she feels comfortable with
Reply:its personal preference, which side you like which way you wear.

most of people wears their watch on the opposite wrist they don't use and facing up, because wear it on your dominate hand will banging against the table when you are writ ting, its inconvenience.
Reply:Well I've always worn mine on my left hand with the face facing upward.
Reply:Well it all depends on the person. I am right-handed, but I still where it my right wrist, most of the time I have it faced in to show off the band. I think the band is usually the prettiest thing.
Reply:Who cares?
Reply:which ever way they want...
Reply:On the left facing outwards.
Reply:i think that a lady should be conffy so what ever is conffy
Reply:I believe it should be worn on the left hand, regardless of whether you are right-handed or not. It is easier to wound up. It is a matter of personal preference regarding facing inside or outside. I buy watches because I like the design of the face, and therefore, I wear it facing outwards (otherwise it's just like a bracelet).
Reply:if you're a righty,wear watch on your left and vice versa. if you're a right and you wear watch on your right, there will be a possibility your watch will get scratch and all because when your hand is written something,the watch will be doing so too. it should face upward.
Reply:Whatever is most comfortable.
Reply:usually the left, but wearing it on whichever wrist is most comfy is best. it used to be cool to wear it that isn't now.
Reply:It really is your preference BUT--that said some people instead of a ring for engagement will wear a watch and that is on the right wrist.

And in answer to the person who's snobby answer was that women didn't wear watches on their hands but on their wrist. Yes they do- ever heard of a watch ring. If you haven't you should get out more.

I like to wear my watch loose and it slides around but facing out top of wrist not palm side is customary, however I know a lot of nurses that wear theirs face on palm side of wrist.
Reply:left hand, and it should be facing outwards.. soemtimes the watch is a little big and dances around your wrist.
Reply:it is a matter of comfort... usually ladies should wear a watch on the left hand, with the dial facing in the direction of palm.
Reply:If you are right handed, watch on the left hand. If you are left handed, watch on the right hand. Watch facing up.
Reply:Whatever wrist it is most comfortable to that individual.

How dare people try to insist that I wear my watch on my left wrist simply because I write with my right hand?

I find it extremely physically uncomfortable and hugely inconvenient on my left arm. As for whether it is better to face in or out again that should be your personal choice.

I have never spilled a drink down my shirt checking the time nor do I bang up my watches more than the next guy (less in fact).

Wear it however it feels right.
Reply:opposite the hand you write with

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